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What exactly is the NATFOREX database?

The NATFOREX database is an extensive collection of data which have been collected from forest based field trials over many years in Ireland. The online database has been designed and populated to demonstrate these experiment records. Records come from a number of trials which have been approved by the project management group for retention as well as from trials which have been closed but which yielded much valuable data during their life-time.

How does the NATFOREX database work? 

The online database comprises experiment records which gives the user a useful inventory of the resources available as well as the silvicultural and management treatments tested in Irish forestry to date. The user can first search the database by selecting the ‘Database’ tab. From there the user can either type text into the free search bar to find particular forest field trials or can click the “advanced search button” to find more specific experiments by using set criteria.

Once the desired field experiment reference is located, the user can click into it and view an edited experiment summary in the form of a field report. This summary contains a comprehensive explanation of how the experiment was conducted. It is important to note that, due to the nature of how these trials have been laid out, there is a certain amount of variability in how they have been managed. To increase clarity about each individual experiment an array of files can be requested. Please see the next step below.

What can I do after I find the summary of a desired experiment?

The NATFOREX team suggests becoming a registered member of the site. This will allow you, ‘the user’, to request data pertaining to that individual experiment. Due to the large variability in experiments only particular data may have been captured in certain experiments. The following data will be available for all the request field trials:

  • Field Report (Including establishment details and a record of measurements taken)
  • Measurement Data (Including all available raw data for the experiment)
  • Code Worksheet  (An explanation of all codes contained within the measurement data)
  • Plot Layout (An electronically digitised plot layout)

Please note that in specific experiments additional data files may be available.

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