Thursday, November 14, 2019





To maintain and manage a national network of field trials for the scientific study and demonstration of silvicultural and forest management treatments through:

  • Evaluating the relevance of existing trials in the Coillte experimental plot network and in the research sections of other organisations.
  • Deciding on the feasibility of the analysis of the existing data, and on the benefits of further data collection, in the existing experiments, and on the need to establish new trials based on the potential information gaps based on the existing trials and on the changing nature of forest management in Ireland.
  • Carrying out required necessary maintenance work on key field trials to improve access, signage and labelling, and also to update the thinning and management status of the trials and to implement and continue the experimental treatments;
  • Collecting new data in trials where the development of the stand and the research objectives of the specific trial require this.
  • Integrating the findings and data from the trials into a publicly accessible data base, in which the information from the relevant (active and closed) field trials, consisting of all details of the experimental site, the experimental design and the treatments and all available collected data and any analysis results that have been produced, is pooled with findings from a wide range of forestry related disciplines.

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